Kazi Group of Companies began its journey in the travel trade industry as Kazi Air International in 1991. Through the unyielding charisma of Founding Chairman and Managing Director Mr Kazi Mohammed Mofizur Rahman and his dedicated team, the group stands today as one of the pioneering and prosperous airline consolidation companies in Bangladesh.

Promising Growth

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To provide sustainable and increasingly human-2-human (H2H) value to clients, shareholders and staff, through a business model that continually innovates with the times


To be recognised as a global partner that provides excellence in the delivery of travel, human resource and agro solutions

Core Values


Committed to positive externalities and actions which create a ripple impact.


Open and honest communication with all the stakeholders


A result-oriented culture and track record of honouring commitments


Valuing H2H methods of service to ensure consumer trust and reliance.


Experienced and accurate business strategies created based on industry and world trends.