Kazi Human Resource Recruitment Limited

Mode of involvement :

Kazi Human Resource Recruitment Limited has outsourced Bangladeshi manpower for numerous sectors and specialized requirements over the past 30 years. We remain the leading recruitment agency for outsourced manpower needs for the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Energy and Resources
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Support Services



Balancing talent mismatch

On-site human resource needs for projects demanding substantial capital investment has always been a significant resource. An asset which cannot be outsourced, per se. Numerous reports have deemed a ‘talent mismatch’ which haunts development industries worldwide; an emotion we professionally eradicate. Our business strategies, HR networks, efficient databases and timeliness make us the top choice for manpower outsourcing.

Timely dispatch of resources

We guarantee prompt recruitment and transfer of suitable talent for each of your vacancies, ensuring the professionals are appointed at competitive salaries. The ‘Kazi guarantee’ comes inclusive of cost-free changeovers particularly in cases the candidate is found medically unfit, professionally unadaptable or otherwise unsuitable for the role.

Goodwill of dependency

Efficiency and dependability of service is valued above all. We offer management of the entire recruitment and HR processes. Minimize the costs and process barriers associated with maintaining a sizable HR team.

The unbounded length and service we have provided with the best possible solutions is the prime cause for our impeccable reputation in the industry today. Kazi Human Resource Recruitment is a licensed and approved recruitment agency (RL- 207) under the Government of Bangladesh.


1. Recruitment Forecasting and Supply

2. VISA Processing

Core Values


Committed to positive externalities and actions which create a ripple impact.


Open and honest communication with all the stakeholders


A result-oriented culture and track record of honouring commitments


Valuing H2H methods of service to ensure consumer trust and reliance.


Experienced and accurate business strategies created based on industry and world trends.